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The following comments are from actual participants in Post Critical Incident Seminars (PCIS) which have been made possible through the generous contributions of people like you.

"Two weeks before attending the class I was at a point of not continuing life. I entered the class not sure of the outcome. Seeing people just like me showed me I’m not alone, and y’all have given me the tools to deal with past, present and future problems - these things along with many of the peer team’s words, pats on the back, and smiles. Thanks for a new lease on life."

"I think that I really needed this more than anyone can imagine. The first day I didn’t really know what to expect. I found myself bragging to others about how the staff was so sincere and helpful. I’m really going to use what I’ve learned and come back as often as I can. I never knew that there was such a thing that could help me in the way it did. Thanks for being there for me and my department."

"The PCIS was very helpful in several areas. I came here with a somewhat closed mind regarding my personal incident and left the seminar after three days feeling like a different person. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone who has been involved in a critical incident, no matter how old or recent your incident is."

"I have enjoyed the group of people with PCIS. Not only have they helped me, but they have opened their hearts and minds and time to focus on the important needs of others and their families. For myself, I just asked myself, “If it wasn’t for PCIS, where and what would I have done?”

"I wish I had been able to have come to PCIS a long time ago! It’s hard to put in words how much it has helped me with my situation. Every topic was right on the money and very useful. Thanks so much for what PCIS does."

"PCIS helped me put an event that has been bothering me into perspective through EMDR*. It made me realize the entire incident, and what my guys and I did for our fallen brothers."

"PCIS helped me more that I ever thought it would. I learned a lot about myself. This program is an awesome program that everybody should come to whether they think they are having a problem or not. I learned that I am harder on myself than anyone else could ever be. I know that it is okay to have emotional feelings about anything that is bothering you. Keep up the great job with the program. The staff (all) was wonderful. I hope that more people get the chance to come to this."

"The PCIS was very helpful. The info I gathered at the meeting showed me I was dealing with my situation totally wrong. In just three days I feel like I have turned the corner and am on my way to deal with my situation. I received information that I might be able to use to help someone in the future. I look forward to going home with a totally new outlook. Thanks to everyone. God bless."

"After having several critical incidents, my co-workers were telling me that these things happen to everyone. However, those telling me this had never had it happen to them, so it was hard to relate with them. After group discussions, I have been able to cope and relate to others who have actually been through similar incidents and felt the way I have."

"The PCIS was very helpful to me. It answered a lot of questions that I had. It also showed me that I was not the only one going through a critical incident. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone."

"The PCIS has shown me that my critical incident is just one chapter in my life. It will not consume my life and I will not let it define me."

  "I thought that I had put one of my incidents behind me until I got here on another incident. After the experience at the seminar and going through EMDR*, I realized that I had unsolved issues and by the end of day three felt like an entirely different person."

"I never would have considered attending a post critical incident seminar based on the simple fact that I never felt I would benefit from it. However, I was proved wrong. The people responsible for directly and indirectly conducting this PCIS seminar were extremely professional and truly compassionate. I now feel there was a purpose for surviving my incident. Highly recommend this program."

* EMDR – (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an approved therapeutic method for dealing with trauma.


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