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Our stories

The following stories are from participants in Post Critical Incident Seminars (PCIS) held by our hearty Team over the years. These seminars have been made possible through the generous contributions of people like you. Thank you for being part of our mission to change lives.

"I think that I really needed this more than anyone can imagine. The first day I didn’t really know what to expect. I found myself bragging to others about how the staff was so sincere and helpful. I’m really going to use what I’ve learned and come back as often as I can. I never knew that there was such a thing that could help me in the way it did. Thanks for being there for me and my department."




Modelled on a concept used with great success by the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 1985, NCLEAP provides a 3 day, peer-led, Post Critical Incident Seminar used to mitigate the impact of critical incident stress.

Participants will not only explore opportunities for sharing their stories, but will also receive education on trauma, relationships, patterns of resolution, and field-tested strategies, all in a non-threatening environment with the goal of promoting recovery and resilience. 

Fellow first responders who have received Peer Support training, and who have a shared experience of having been involved in a critical incident, come alongside of participants to assist them in navigating this learning experience.

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

"Research shows, that in the midst of crisis, more people in the US will go to their religious leader for aid than will go to either a physician or a mental health practitioner." - Spiritual Care and Mental Health for Disaster Recovery; Steven Harding 2007


We serve in the following ways:


Developing a Chaplaincy Program

We will come along side of you and offer a program model that will assist your agency in the creation of a chaplaincy program that will provide support for all who serve in your agency.  Model components of our model that we offer include:

  • Information for Agency Leaders

  • Benefits of a chaplaincy program

  • Structuring a chaplaincy program

  • Attracting and training volunteer clergy

  • Ensuring program accountability

Provide 'In-service' training 


We offer training in a variety of topics that will enhance the 'well-being' of your chaplains.  Our workshops are innovative and practical.  Experienced instructors weave the art of public speaking and the presentation of helpful information.  Popular topics include:

  • Building Resilience

  • Bearing the Bad News

  • A Balancing Act

  • Deja Vu 

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